Simple burning studio to produce your own CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs
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Burning your valuable data to disc doesn’t always need to be a complex and cumbersome task. WinBurner will simply ask you which type of data you wish to burn to disc (either an ISO archive or a set of files and folders) or to back up as an ISO file (either an entire CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc or selected files and folders) and will perform the requested task efficiently and without hassle. Thanks to the program’s ISO-to-disc support, you can create all types of discs using this free tool, from audio CDs to video DVDs or BDs, and from bootable discs to straightforward backup discs.

WinBurner is actually as much of a disc-burning tool as an ISO tool. The program’s main menu will offer you four options – two to burn discs and two to create ISO archives. The former will let you burn ISO files or your choice of files and folders to disc, while the latter will allow you to produce new ISO files, either from a disc or from a selection of files and folders stored on your computer. WinBurner claims to be capable of creating all kinds of discs, some of them with a file structure that is specific to its use, such as audio CDs, video DVDs, video Blu-ray discs, bootable discs, etc. And technically, that claim is true, but only if you use an ISO file of the original audio, video, or bootable disc as source. If you select a bunch of songs or video files and ask WinBurner to create an audio or a video disc for you, you’ll end up with a data disc that may or may not play as intended in your standalone players or your PC.

When it comes to ISO files, WinBurner can rip any entire disc to an ISO file (which you can then use to burn your favorite audio and video discs) or create ISO archives of whatever files and folders you wish to back up. A caveat, though – whenever you wish to create an ISO file or burn a disc using selected files and folders as source, you won’t be allowed to use the Shift key to make multiple file and folder selections. You will have to use the selection dialog as many times as files and folders you wish to add – certainly, not the most user-friendly of features.

Thus, if any of the four clear and straightforward operations that WinBurner offers is what you are after, do not hesitate to download and use this free and highly efficient tool for the task – you won’t be disappointed. Just remember that to create discs other than plain data discs you will need the corresponding ISO file as source.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Full support for ISO images.
  • Straightforward disc burning functionality


  • No support for burning or creating archives other than ISO.
  • One-by-one file selection when creating ISO archives.
  • No specific options to create audio CDs or video DVDs and Blu-ray discs
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